July 14, 2017 Marvelous Woodworking

Add Decorative Details to Your Home Through Custom Woodworking

When creating custom woodworking projects for our clients, whether it is a cabinet or staircase, we don’t just make it sturdy and functional—we also make it beautiful. Wood can be a naturally gorgeous material on its own, but with a craftsman’s eye for detail, little decorative nods, accents, and shapely additions can transform any project from plain to unique and lovely.

Decorative details also help a custom piece match its surroundings. This is especially important for historic restoration projects. For example, we reconstructed the windows and moldings of this alcove for the conservatory in the Parry Mansion, an early 1900s period Indianapolis home.

Parry Mansion finished room | Custom Woodworkingcustom woodworking Crown molding by Doug Marvel, Marvelous WoodworkingTheir style had to be true to the era, and look like they had always been there. Through research and noting existing design elements, we recreated molding for the area that would fit seamlessly into a home that had been built a hundred years ago.

Many of our projects involve adding subtle decorative details—trim work, inlays, curving lines—that echo the architectural details of the home and other furniture. We always try to mirror through details the overall look of the house in new pieces, making them look like they belong. In creating a new fireplace mantel, our design used corbels to hold up the mantel. These architectural supports go way back in architectural history and were originally used as decorations under the eaves of a house. Fitted in the right places, corbels look modern and high style.

custom fireplace mantel_whitebrickcorbelIn a staircase update, we added little diamond inlays to the top of the newel posts. Though small, this accent shows the handmade quality of the staircase—you can’t find this look in a store.

staircase_diamond detailSometimes our decorative detailing work comes from special requests. Custom woodworking means the sky is the limit, and when clients can’t find what they are looking for in stores, they come to us to make what they’re envisioning.

Personalized custom curio cabinet by Doug Marvel, Marvelous WoodworkingFor example, this medicine cabinet was made for a client for whom the design had personal meaning. Custom detailing allows you to bring your own history and touch to a piece, something we love to do!

Custom woodworking bed frame by Doug Marvel, Marvelous WoodworkingThis bed frame has movement and interest in the decorative details of the knobs and trim edges, and in the textures of the wood we chose for the paneled head and foot boards.

We love finding ways to include surprising, beautiful details to our woodworking projects. A little thoughtful craftsmanship goes a long way, and often we find a piece just needs a few small touches to bring the design to the next level. Email us or call 317-679-5890 to discuss a custom woodworking project you would love to see in your home.