June 16, 2017 Marvelous Woodworking

Custom Storage for Mudroom Organization

Mudrooms, entryways, and backdoor areas tend to become the family catch-all after work and school. The ensuing clutter becomes an eyesore, and makes it harder to find what you need to get out the door. Thankfully, there is a way to solve organization issues—custom storage. A family in Zionsville sought us out to help them design a custom piece that would address their messy back room, which had become a disheveled gathering spot for totes, shoes, boots, hats and gloves. Everything always wound up scattered on the floor! Though they tried using some of their existing furniture, those items weren’t able to function as needed. They came to Marvelous Woodworking to create their perfectly functional mudroom organizer that would hold all their items.

For the design, our clients had found ideas and pictures on Houzz and Pinterest to communicate what features and look they wanted. With a custom design, all options are open; we mixed several ideas together to create the perfect storage piece they needed, and made it stylistically look like it belonged to their home.

mud room custom storageThey needed a unit that could hold everything quickly—backpacks, coats, hats, gloves, shoes, etc. Open shelving allows for simple, easy storage, and the individual compartments keep each family member’s items separate so they are findable.

custom storage_feetWe took every opportunity to tie in their existing interior design to the custom piece, mirroring the room’s base molding on the foot, putting crown molding around the top that echoed the door and window styles, and using matching white paint. The bead board back also reflected the contemporary style of the house.

custom storage_top crownThe homeowner’s touch came in with the baskets and hooks; she had already chosen them before we created the design, so we were able to use them to determine the overall dimensions of the project.custom storage_basketscustom storage_hooksThe homeowners wanted a painted look and it was a wise choice for durability and upkeep. A well-used item like this is going to see some abuse during its time. Paint is easily cleanable, and all it needs to look new again is a fresh coat.

Each household will have different needs when it comes to creating custom storage. The first important questions to ask yourself is what needs to be stored, and how hidden does it need to be? For some homes, it will be all about creating spaces for baggage and clothes. For others, hiding sports equipment will be a big priority, requiring closed doors. A custom storage piece can cater to all of your needs, providing a place for everything so nothing has to lie around on the floor anymore.

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