Custom woodworking bed frame by Doug Marvel, Marvelous Woodworking


Hello. I am Doug Marvel, owner of Marvelous Woodworking. As a third generation woodworker, crafting custom projects with wood has always been a part of my life. During my career as a computer consultant, I dabbled in woodworking—building custom furniture, performing complex repairs and completing unique projects. As my reputation grew as a specialty woodworker, my hobby began turning into a true passion. So in 2009, I left the consultancy world and started Marvelous Woodworking.

Doug Marvel, Marvelous Woodworking

“A Craftsman, not a Contractor”

It’s more than a tagline at Marvelous Woodworking—it is the philosophy behind every project we take on. To me, it means I love what I do, and take pride in providing quality work. Many times I am brought into a project by a homeowner who has been told that what they want cannot be done. Because I view each project as unique, I take the time to solve the issues that daunt others. By combining engineering, design, and persistence, I am able to give each of my clients just what they are looking for. From staircase updates and custom fireplace mantels, to custom cabinetry and custom furniture, each project is done with quality in mind.


Our Services

custom fireplace mantle | Placing a TV

Custom Fireplace Mantels

Creating a custom fireplace mantel allows you to incorporate the architecture of your home into your fireplace. My goal is to make the mantel look like it was built with the house. By applying a mixture of design, engineering and creativity, I am able to achieve the look and functionality you want. I specialize in innovative designs, such as fireplace mantles with hidden storage that allow you to cleanly hang a TV above a fireplace mantel.

custom staircase design

Staircase Update

Having a staircase update can transform the look of your home. Possible projects include replacing carpeted stairs with wood treads, changing balusters from wood to wrought iron, and installing decorative handrails and newel posts. I pay attention to the small details like nosing on each tread and quality paint on the risers to give you a fully updated look.

Custom Hope Chest by Doug Marvel, Marvelous Woodworking

Handcrafted Custom Furniture

Looking for the perfect piece of furniture and cannot find it in a store or catalog? I can recreate designs you find, or build a custom piece that suits your unique needs. I specialize in repurposing heirloom pieces, honoring their memories while transforming them into a functional object. My heirloom quality custom furniture becomes a treasure that is passed from generation to generation.

custom built in cabinets | Placing a TV

Custom Cabinetry

Built-in cabinetry is a popular alternative to those out-of-place pieces of furniture that cannot truly accomplish what you need them to. I can create custom cabinetry that is designed around the functionality you need, and that fits into your home beautifully—both spatially and architecturally. Libraries and offices, mudrooms and laundry rooms, kids’ spaces and media rooms—custom cabinetry can help with storage solutions anywhere in your home.

custom crown molding

Crown Molding

Crown molding raises the level of design in your home. A plain, unadorned room can be made interesting quickly by adding an updated style of molding. Angles are the key to beautiful molding, and my custom approach ensures well-crafted lines and coped joints.

Parry Mansion finished room | Custom Woodworking

Historic Restoration

Our custom woodworking skills are perfect for repairing and updating older houses, or restoring historic homes to their original glory. Though we are creating something new, we make your custom furniture or installation project look original to your home.


A Craftsman’s Notes

Doug Marvel, the Man Behind Marvelous Woodworking

Working with Marvelous Woodworking

The Marvelous Woodworking team is comprised of Doug Marvel, founder and master woodworker, and his assistant Max Somers. Doug officially began the Marvelous Woodworking business in 2009, but he has long been a practiced craftsman.

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You Know You Need Custom Cabinets When…

custom cabinetry_bench and sides

Time and again, homeowners and designers come to Marvelous Woodworking because stores don’t have what they need. In an older home in Meridian Kessler, we were given a project that is the epitome of why

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A Few Words From Our Friends

"When it comes to custom woodworking, Doug is the best. He created what we discussed and made our vision come alive. Thanks to Doug for his creativity."
- Phil H.

“I have worked with Marvelous Woodworking before and I have been seeking them out ever since. They are my go-to craftsmen for quality, problem-solving, and producing exactly what I want. Doug Marvel is such a good listener—a big reason why he can make what you’re looking for. He has a passion for what he does and it shows in his work. You call Doug when you are looking for character; anyone can just build a home, but character is what sets it apart and Doug is good at supporting that vision of character and personality.”

-Interior Designer Elaine Pauley